Something about us…

The firm was established in 1986 as craft business for the civil and industrial electric installations development. Nuova Elettrica srl attains in a short time higher quality standard, Our Company can guarantee to our customers reliability and professionalism, considering the matured experience in particular in the technical criticalities sectors and in the works execution classified “confidential”.

A synthesis of services offer:

  • Installations for private areas, having purely military characteristic;
  • Setting up, programming, installations and maintenance of firing range;
  • Installations of Burglar-proof allarm and fire-fighting system, with remote control too;
  • Installation of Structural and Remote-Controlled Video Surveillance Systems;
  • Power-units maintenance and installation;
  • Setting up and maintenance of last generation Techno- medial installations;
  • Energetic Auditing, Energy Management service;
  • Installations «turnkey» for Energetic Saving;
  • Air Conditionning and Checked Mechanical Ventilation Systems Installations;
  • Enabling of Works Execution classified as confidential.