firing range maintenance

Firing Range maintenance

Over the years Nuova Elettrica has produced several technological installations for the Police Headquarters, such as Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and  Polizia di Stato.

The customer care has allowed us to reach higher service levels also in the following activities of the works creation, in particular we specialized ourselves in the firing range maintenance, reaching today the role of official supplier for the Italian Army (Esercito Italiano) and U.S. Air Force too.

Nowadays the service of firing range maintenance is characterized by a complete range of services for all customers assistance during all the necessary phases:

  • Ordinary or extraordinary maintenance
  • Environmental remediation
  • Bullets disposal
  • Observance’s verification of the binding requirements imposed by the Technical Regulation (Direttiva Tecnica D.T./P1 and D.T./P2 ed. 2005)
  • Feasibility Study for the retrofit installations:
    • General Automation of the targets handling (distance and position)
    • Bullet backstop replacement
    • Installation of the new watertight Bullet backstop (Patented by Nuova Elettrica)
    • Synoptic (touch screen) for the Firing Range Director’s Control Room
    • Centralized suction
    • Dimmable lighting system with low-energy consumption LED lighting
    • Sound-absorption replacement with features with better performance

The important experience gained in the field allows us to be a reference for some National Target Shooting Installations too. (U.I.T.S.)