progettazione poligoni di tiro

Firing Range Design and Creation

Since many years the company Nuova Elettrica realizes and/or supplies with advices about the creation of technological installations for the Operative and Administrative Headquarters of Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza Polizia di Stato, Esercito Italiano and  U.S. Air Force.

The important competences gained, the creativity that sets us apart, the satisfaction on the clients problem solving, together with the achievement of the valued impossible challenge, they’ve transformed our Company: the research in new solutions has become a total part of our « modus operandi », the project engineering has engaged spaces always more bigger, and the new products attained the customers’ confidence, in particular way into the field of Indoor  Firing Range.

Indoor Firing Ranges

The Indoor Firing range must have particular protection’s precautions for the structure, ventilation system against the exhaust gas stopping and lead’s micro particles  cause of work-related illnesses.

The construction of a Firing Range includes, in addition to the building creation and its protections, the creation of a firing gallery, a firing station, a bullet backstop area.

Our Firing Range design and creation foresees:

  1. Feasibility Study for the bullet backstop systems creation in accordance with the Technical Regulation (Direttiva Tecnica D.T./P1 and D.T./P2 ed. 2005)
  2. Preliminary Analysis and creation of new installation
  3. General Automation of Firing Range
    • General Automation of the targets handling (distance and position)
    • Bullet backstop creation
    • Synoptic (touch screen) development for the Firing Range Director’s Box
    • Centralized aspiration installation
    • Dimmable lighting system with low-energy consumption LED lighting
    • Laying of Sound-absorption material

The innovative bullet backstop systems

The most important and difficult phase is the creation of the bullet stopping: the bullet backstop.

The normal bullet backstop in use are:

  • Metallic bullet backstop: made up of ballistic steel plates, properly inclined to direct the  bullets in the back side of the same, where they’re picked up. In the walls impact the bullets smash themselves into pieces with subsequent lead sublimation that causes the environmental contamination, and it can cause a grave work-related illness (plumbism) for the operators and users.
  • Absorption bullet backstop with braking mass made by elastomeric material. This bullet backstop eliminates in part the problem of lead sublimation, but the braking mass quantity necessary for the complete stopping of a bullet is considerable and the necessary energy for the working is high. Besides, the elastomeric material must be integrated periodically, with consequent high discharge costs.
  • Bullet backstop with energy absorption septum in plastic materials and a braking mass made by thermoplastic and pressed granules. This bullet backstop eliminates the lead sublimation problem, but the thermoplastic material and the containment panels must be replaced frequently with high discharge costs.

With the aim to renovate its offer and the customer service, Nuova Elettrica  has developed an innovative solution for metallic bullet backstop.

The fundamental characteristic are:

  • the reduction of the lead particles,
  • a double life
  • the reduction of creation and maintenance costs.

The bullet backstop marked Nuova Elettrica is able to guarantee several advantages respect to those, nowadays and commonly in use:

  • more healthy environment, lesser risks for the operators and users,
  • extreme reduction of polluting materials to discharge, reduction of operation costs
  • Reduction of maintenance period of time, then increase of period of time use of Firing Range,
  • higher life of the bullet backstop
  • Easiness of the Materials Recovery (lead, brass, etc.), and possible recycle