Energy Audit

Pursuing since ever the politic to offer of a complete and qualitative service in the energetic field, Nuova Elettrica and its professional team propose themselves to offer the main and preparatory service to generate “Energy Efficiency”: the Energy Audit.

It’s a systematic procedure that gives to the customer an appropriate knowledge of the energetic consumption profile: of a building orgroup of buildings, of a business or industrial installation, for public or privates services. This activity will detect and quantify the energetic saving opportunities on costs-profits profile and it’ll report concerning to the results.

In this field it’s an obligation mentioning the recent Law “Decreto Legislativo n.102 of 2014”, in which in creation of the Regulation (Direttiva) 2012/27/UE about the Energy Efficiency, it establishes a measures chart for the promotion and the improvement of the Energy Efficiency with the aim to reach the national objective of energy saving for the primary energy consumptions within the year 2020. The Law, moreover, introduces the execution’s obligation (with respective penalties) of the Energy Audit for the Civil Service and for the Big Enterprises using a lot of Energy.

Here is a summary of the activities composing the Energy Audit, these same, according to the customer choice, can be done also singularly:

  • Status Measurements of the building and climatic contextualization;
  • Acquisition of all data referring to all energy consumptions and respective costs analysis and purchase conditions;
  • Execution of site measurement campaign for the accurate data’s measurement as for example: temperature, humidity etc.
  • Lighting Technique Verification and calculation of lighting object;
  • Existent Installations calculation with analysis of their efficiency;
  • Thermo graphic verification with accurate instrumentation;
  • Editing of “Energy Audit” document, by Qualified Auditor following laws in force;

The Energy Efficiency is an obligation and in every ones interests … trust our competence!