firing range maintenance

Firing Range maintenance

Over the years Nuova Elettrica has produced several technological installations for the Police Headquarters, such as Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and  Polizia di Stato.

The customer care has allowed us to reach higher service levels also in the following activities of the works creation, in particular we specialized ourselves in the firing range maintenance, [Read more…]

progettazione poligoni di tiro

Firing Range Design and Creation

Since many years the company Nuova Elettrica realizes and/or supplies with advices about the creation of technological installations for the Operative and Administrative Headquarters of Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza Polizia di Stato, Esercito Italiano and  U.S. Air Force.

The important competences gained, the creativity that sets us apart, the satisfaction [Read more…]

certificazione energetica

Energy Audit

Pursuing since ever the politic to offer of a complete and qualitative service in the energetic field, Nuova Elettrica and its professional team propose themselves to offer the main and preparatory service to generate “Energy Efficiency”: the Energy Audit.

It’s a systematic procedure that gives to the customer an appropriate knowledge of the energetic consumption profile: [Read more…]


Renewable energies and energy saving

Since many years Nuova Elettrica is undertook itself in the study, creation and installations maintenance using renewable energy sources and also in the existing installations retrofit for the Saving Energy attainment. [Read more…]

Industrial Electrical Systems

Industrial Electrical Systems

The professional technicians of Nuova Elettrica srl can follow with competence, professionalism and innovative ideas, all various phases of creation of the civil and industrial electrical systems: design, creation, certification, maintenance and 24-hour repair service. [Read more…]

Civil and Domotics installations

Eletrical Civil and Domotics systems

Still today when we build or renovate an house, we limit ourselves often at the “traditional” electrical installations, leaving out  the advantages of the recent domotics technologies. A modern electrical installation actually can give [Read more…]

Allarms and Video Surveillance systems

Allarms and Video Surveillance systems

With reference to the long-term experience in the creation of alarms and video surveillance systems for the Police Station (Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Polizia di Stato), Nuova Elettrica  is able to analyse the particular situation of [Read more…]

Air Conditionning and Ventilation systems

Air Conditionning and Ventilation systems

With the aim to offer to his customers a complete service, Nuova Elettrica has been specialized itself in the installation of air conditioning system, in the creation of air treatment systems, either for civil or industrial/commercial scope. [Read more…]